Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Happy New Year 2010...Belated

Greetings to everyone in 2010!

I've not been posting here on Jordan's View lately and I'm quite frustrated about that. But I can say that one of the reasons behind my lack of posting is very good news-- I was accepted to the distance Masters of Religion (MAR) degree at Reformed Theological Seminary and officially began my studies a few weeks ago. So this has been keeping me quite busy. I think I've mentioned here a few times that I was contemplating going to seminary and I had been doing research on possible seminaries for several years. Although it was my desire to get the best possible education and therefore I considered the top reformed schools such as SBTS, RTS or Covenant, all seemed prohibitively expensive. But God worked that out now, and I am happy to studying at a very fine and well-regarded school.

In other good news, my wife and I officially became members of the very solid reformed Baptist church we've been attending. We're now part of a church discipleship group that includes three other couples, and we're reading and studying through a book called "The Love Dare". It's related to the recent movie "Fireproof" that starred Kirk Cameron as a firefighter with a failing marriage, and how he was helped to save his marriage by applying Christian principles.

So good things are happening but at the same time I do get frustrated in not being able to spend time doing everything I'd like to do-- including working on my music and writing on this blog. I am hoping to develop a routine where I somehow fit all these things into my schedule on a daily basis, but it will require a discipline that I admit has eluded me in the past.

Also, get this-- I have to memorize portions of the Westminster Shorter Catechism for an upcoming quiz, and to get credit you have to be spelling and punctuation perfect! Pray for me!

But I do want to say I am thankful for progress-- I never would have thought a few years ago that I'd be calling myself reformed in theology and studying at a reformed seminary now. Yet I believe that the truths I am learning in seminary will be be of great value to my spiritual life and ministerial goals, both now and into the future. I just have to try to be patient-- four years of school (which is what I'm anticipating) seems like a very long time.

My wife seems to making progress with her health and vitality also, thank God! So I am encouraged by that and hoping that if it is God's will that we should have children that she'll be well enough to pursue the vocation of motherhood and that I will have the faith to believe that we'll have all the resources necessary to raise a family.

So Happy New year to you all... sorry it's already February.