Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't Rock the Vote?

One keeps hearing/seeing all the ads by celebrities (especially from advising people, particularly youth, to get out and vote. But in "A Duty Not To Vote?", John Stossel raises a politically incorrect position when he says, "when people don't know anything, maybe it's their civic duty not to vote." Stossel isn't against voting, he just doesn't think that uninformed voters who haven't educated themselves on why they are voting for whomever they choose to vote for should necessarily be encouraged. I agree.

A more on-target message to young voters would be "Get informed, then vote!" Any idiot can pull the lever in a ballot box; it demonstrates no great, admirable civic virtue merely to cast a vote, not knowing whom or what you are supporting by your vote.

Don't get me wrong, I do hope many young people will vote, but only after they have informed themselves about the issues and the positions of the candidates they will vote for. Along these lines, a resource for young voters that is an alternative to is, a group which aims to "register people of faith regardless of party affiliation, or personal political beliefs, but as a matter of Christian principle, that people of faith must be engaged in the political debate and vote as a matter of moral imperative... It also "reach[es] out to both parties to find the best in both, and find solutions to the debate, not trump or destroy one person or party."

Also, please see my previous three posts, for many links to resources on Election 2008.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Resources for Election 2008: The Issues

Updated 10-28-08 with new articles from Randy Alcorn and John Piper (see links below).

My friends (as some like to say),

There are very important issues that will be strongly impacted by the outcome of the Presidential election just a week away. The two candidates before us in this election-- John McCain and Barack Obama-- offer starkly different ideas and solutions in response to critical issues facing our country and the world. Both refer to themselves as Christians. But from the perspective of issues of traditional importance to Christians, I think that McCain is clearly a better choice.

Some issues on which the differences are clearly seen include:
  • The issue of whether or abortion will continue to viewed as a "fundamental right" and therefore, one that must be protected from abrogation;
  • The issue of whether marriage will be redefined as gender-neutral and as a "right"for same-sex couples.
These are two fundamental issues that Christians rightly see as vital to a Christian worldview. Abortion deals with the value we place on human life-- whether we recognize God alone as the Creator of life, or whether human beings are merely cells and life is whatever humans define it as. Gay-marriage touches on how much respect we hold for God's design of mankind as man and woman--whether or not we accept His institution of marriage as the fundamental relationship upon which human societies must be built.

Other important issues:
Iraq/Afghanistan Wars and the War on Terror
I do have some unresolved questions about the US wars in Iran/Afghanistan. However I also believe that we need a President who understands that our nation is under continuous, serious threat by the existence of terrorists, especially Islamic terrorists, who are harbored and abetted by certain nations. Many who hate America and want to see America destroyed do so on the basis of their religious ideology. These sworn enemies of America will not be won over by diplomacy, but must be kept in check by understanding that America's leadership will not be intimidated by threats and will respond with overwhelming, powerful force if attacked. It is very telling that the Islamic world wants Obama to be our next President.

Freedom of Speech
The issue of whether those who advocate Christianity in the marketplace of ideas, whether in the pulpit or in the media, will be able to continue to do so openly and freely, or whether their ideas can be labeled "hate speech" and thus silenced.

Education and Parental rights
The issue of whether it is parents or the government that has ultimate responsibility over the education and welfare of children.

  • Judicial Activism (Selection of Supreme Court Justices)
  • Cloning
  • Energy and Environmental Stewardship
  • The Poor and the Persecuted globally
  • The Right to Bear Arms

It may not necessarily be immediately clear what the proper Christian response is on all of the above issues. But because of the pervasive and continuous inundation with the secularist views of media and culture, thinking on these issues is clouded and confused. I point you to the following resources then, as an aid to educating oneself about these issues from a Christian moral perspective and making an informed choice for President.

Voter Guides and Other Election Resources/Information:

Christian Coalition of Washington

Wallbuilders Voter Guide

Election Resources and Information


I'm not Voting for a Man, I'm Voting for Generations of Children and their Right to Live by Randy Alcorn

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Gay Marriage

What's Really at Stake in the Gay Marriage Debate? Part One by Albert Mohler

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What's Really at Stake in the Gay Marriage Debate? Part Three by Albert Mohler

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Defense and Miscellaneous Issues

The Islamic World Looks at Obama by Robert Spencer

Muslim world's view of Obama

Obama's Pentagon

Where McCain, Obama stand on the issues by Calvin Woodward

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Resources for Christian Voters- Election 2008

I have come across the following articles and web resources for helping those who hold Judeo-Christian values determine who to vote for in this next election. Although neither McCain nor Obama are the ideal Christian candidate, I believe that the McCain-Palin ticket would be much more favorable to upholding core Christian values, such as the sanctity of life and marriage between a man and a woman.

There are Christians supporting Obama who argue that an Obama/Biden administration would bring more unity and cooperation to government. They seem to believe that Obama's economic strategies will help reduce abortions because they will direct more aid to the poor. In addition many Christian Obama supporters claim that Christianity should embrace homosexuality and homosexuals as our brothers and sisters in Christ, because of the call of Jesus to love and not judge. Still another argument is that to maintain a consistently pro-life policy necessitates bringing an end to the war in Iraq, which is causing the loss of many lives.

I think that all of the above arguments are inconsistent with a traditional, orthodox understanding of Christian faith. The Bible teaches that God creates life in the womb and that we are not to snuff out lives that God alone has created. In Scripture, war is a sometimes necessary evil. Homosexuality is unnatural because it goes against God's design of man and woman and how the sexes are to relate to one another. One cannot practice a lifestyle that is considered immoral by the law of God and yet at the same time claim to be obedient to God as a Christ-follower.

It is naive to think that either an Obama or a McCain administration would somehow engender more unity and cooperation in the current government. There is an ideological divide in America, reflected in Congress, and the divide is widening. An Obama presidency certainly will steer this nation in the liberal trajectory it already seems to be on; his stands on issues such as abortion or gay marriage are in alignment with liberal Hollywood and media values, but not with traditional Christian beliefs.

Only by re-defining the meaning of Christian is it possible to advocate Barack Obama as one whose stance on the issues is in harmony with traditional Judeo-Christian family values. On issues of fundamental importance to traditional Christians-- the protection of life and the defense of marriage-- Mr. Obama's views and his record are the opposite of what most Christians have supported in these areas, as the resources below demonstrate.

Now if "Christian" is re-defined to mean someone who is an unrelenting advocate for a woman's so-called "right" to choose to kill her baby, and/or to be one who promises to pursue the aggressive agenda of pro-homosexual special interests, then yes, Obama is a solid Christian. I know that some say that Obama's stated concerns for improving the economic fortunes of those who are struggling demonstrates a Christian priority. I agree that the poor are properly the concern of all Christians, whose God is full of compassion towards all and especially the poor, the orphan and the widow. But I disagree with Obama's basic approach to fixing their economic plight via social programs and redistribution of wealth. I admit I am no expert on economics, but like many, I have a great skepticism and fear about a plan that seems to depend upon socialistic principles for its success.

Finally I think that Christians must make sure to vote in this coming election, even if one is not happy with the candidates in terms of how well they align with one's Christian values. Again, a very critical issue to our future is the lifelong Supreme Court justices that will be chosen by the next President-- I think that a McCain-Palin administration is much more likely to nominate conservative candidates in this regard. We will be feeling the impact of the decisions of these justices for years and years to come.

I fear that we are going to see a time in the not-too-distant future when Christians, who for so long have enjoyed freedom of worship in this country and whose values helped shaped the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which in turn produced the great freedoms and prosperity this nation has experienced, are going to be persecuted as intolerant and hateful for simply remaining true to their faith.

I think an Obama-Biden administration will create a climate wherein all forms of religious expression will be acceptable--except Christian speech. Hate crime laws may be passed that will prevent pastors from preaching according to the truth of the Bible or face jail for doing so. I pray the Lord would give believers wisdom to the significance of what is happening and the importance of our choices right now, and to not be deceived by the smooth promises of peace and prosperity being offered by Mr. Obama and his campaign.

Now to be fair, all of the candidates for President/Vice-President state that faith profoundly influences their decision making. There are several articles below examining the faith of the candidates. I think the important thing is to read their statements, and examine how their track record aligns with issues of traditional importance and value to Christians.

Now matter who wins in November, we know that our God is in control. May we have a government in which there will be continued freedom to worship-- for Christians as well as those of other faiths-- freedom to state one's religious convictions without fear of reprisal or being thrown in jail. If one speaks critically about the Muslim faith they are often met with violence, but may it not be true here-- the American way is to protect the freedom of speech of even enemies or those with whom we bitterly disagree. May we continue to be able to speak our minds, our hearts and our consciences in this manner, as we protect the right of all to liberty of speech.

May we all cast our votes wisely, with God's help.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Critical Election Issue: Supreme Court Justices

The video below is produced by the Judicial Confirmation Network and reminds Americans that a most critical issue in the Presidential election is that whoever becomes President will choose those who are nominated and eventually will be the next Supreme Court Justices. The decisions made by this small body (appointed for life) certainly will impact the lives of Americans for years to come.

As an article by Matt Lewis on states:

Whether you are worried about the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” or the abortion issue, the next president will select Supreme Court Justices that will dramatically impact your life. But are voters paying attention? With any luck, the Judicial Confirmation Network will succeed in their quest to bring judges back to the forefront of the political debate. The economy may be scary right now, but the idea of referring to “Justice Clinton” for the next two decades could be even scarier.

Although history has shown that having a conservative President selecting justices is no guarantee that the justices ultimately appointed will prove conservative in their decision-making, the selection of justices is just too important an issue to be ignored. Obama is charming and articulate, but his agenda for this country is radically socialistic and liberal.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blips on the Blogosphere 16

I am continuing work and research on the next article to be posted in my healing series (this next post has been challenging as it tackles the subject of cessationism vs continuationism). As I don't want to continue to neglect readers I offer the following random links, as of possible interest to you:

Four Movements - by Don Matzat
This article provides some good historical background to 4 recent theological movements (Evangelical Revivalism, Neo-Evangelicalism, Latter Rain Movement and Postmodernism) and points readers to further resources for study on these movements.

I'm a newbie on this topic-- this list offers a good resource for understanding dispensationalism.

What to Say to the Depressed, Doubting, Skeptical, Confused, Angry by John Piper
More wise advice from John Piper.

Against Heresies: Podcast spirituality
A brief post raising the interesting question of how new technologies seem to facilitate more individualism, and how this affects Christian spirituality.

Ayers and Obama crossed paths on boards, records show
CNN shows there was more of a connection between Ayers and Obama than he and his campaign have implied in public statements.

The End of Evolution? by Al Mohler Why evolution seems to be a dead-end, according to one evolutionist.