Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My First YouTube Video- An Original Song: New Day

At last, my first YouTube video. My friend Jim recorded me over at his house last Saturday while I sang and played an original tune, New Day. I've been meaning to record my songs and put them up on YouTube since...well, since the beginning of time itself. But I've hesitated because I wanted to make sure the video would have decent sound. Jim's Nikon seems to have recorded the sound quite nicely, so I'm pretty happy with that aspect.

Also, he simply recorded it and immediately uploaded to YouTube. Like, it was all over in 10 minutes! I nearly fainted (Really? No, not really). But, left to myself, I probably would have edited the video; I would have procrastinated and tinkered with it endlessly and most likely, would never have uploaded it. But Jim got me up and on there, just pushed me right in the water, so to speak. And now that I've got my feet wet, to continue the water metaphor, I need to keep swimming. So hopefully I'll record more songs, sooner rather than later, and get them uploaded via my own YouTube account. Now, I may labor over them a wee little bit, but the idea will be to just continue to get them recorded relatively quickly and put them out there, without driving myself mad with insane perfectionism, as I'm wont to do. Yes, I love to torture myself. Now if you don't see any videos in the near future, feel free to contact me and give me grief. Thank you in advance.

Anyhow, I do hope the song blesses somebody.