Monday, November 20, 2006

About the New Labels at Jordan's View

As mentioned in the previous post, Blogger Beta allows posts to be categorized using a "labels" system, similar to the way Google's Gmail allows one to apply labels to each message. I hope the system will prove to be helpful for readers looking for areas of particular interest to them as they peruse this blog.

So here's a quick rundown of each of the labels-- the label name/link, followed by what's included under each:

About Jordan's View/ Blogging

Included here are any posts referring to new developments here in Jordan's View, or on the subject of blogging in general.

Blips on the Blogosphere

This was a series of posts dealing with interesting posts I had encountered on other blogs and wanted to bring to readers' attention. I hope to be able to continue this series.

Blogging tools

This section is about tools used in the writing of blogs.

Christian Carnival

The Christian Carnival is a gathering of blog posts that each week is hosted by a different blogger. Its aim is to highlight interesting Christian blogging by bringing together in one place an assortment of writings. It can give you a good sense of the pulse of the Christian blogosphere. In this section I was basically announcing or directing readers over to the Carnival.

Christian Carnival (hosted at Jordan's View)

These were the Christian Carnivals that I hosted here at Jordan's View.


Any posts dealing with Christianity, though most of my posts will be labeled more precisely than this.

Christianity and Science

Any posts dealing with the relationship of Christianity and scientific inquiry.

Cultural Commentary

This is a broad label including posts dealing with culture (mostly American), current issues, analysis of trends and more.


Posts dealing with how to be a better disciple/follower of the Lord Jesus, growing in maturity and faith.

From Me to You

Posts of a more personal nature


Posts referring to GodBlog Con 2005, which was the first ever Christian "God bloggers" conference and was held at Biola University last fall. GodBlogCon2006 recently took place but I did not have a chance to attend.


My attempts to make you or myself laugh.


Posts on marriage-- I need to write a few more of these.

Reformed Christianity

I think I may be writing a lot more on this topic in the future.


My book and movie or any other kinds of reviews

Theological Musings

I will likely be trying to write more of these types of articles as I reflect on theological concerns.

Utilizing the Internet

Anything that helps one to better utilize the great resources on the Internet.

Why I Am a Christian

Any posts that express or defend the faith, either as personal testimony or as a broader apologetic.

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