Wednesday, January 31, 2007

March for Life 2007 Ignored by Major Media

The FRC (Family Research Council) reports this Tale of Two Marches that I think is a revealing commentary on the liberal bias of the media and of some members of Congress.

A March for Life event that gathered anywhere from 134,000 (as reported by the National Catholic Register) to 200,000 pro-lifers (according to FRC reports) barely received media attention, while the story of a group of 10,000 anti-war protestors was plastered all over media front pages.

Check out also these interesting commentaries which question the lack of media coverage for events such as the March for Life, and the disproportionate attention paid to smaller (but more liberal) events.

Why Roe vs. Wade is Losing Ground
Media lacks fair, objective coverage of religion
Where was coverage of March for Life in Washington?
March for Life 2007
Evidence of Media Bias: Big Three Networks Ignore March for Life but not 'Peace Surge'

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