Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New Pop-Up Feature displays ESV Bible Verses

Hey, would you like references to bible verses in your blog posts to open as a pop-up box that displays the verses from the excellent ESV (English Standard Version) Bible? In this way, people can view the ESV Bible verses you have referenced without ever having to leave your site! The pop-up even has the option of clicking a link so one may listen to the verse (I have incorporated this cool feature in the most recent post from my series on Arminianism vs Reformed theology).

Well, it's quite easy to get this feature (with a little help from my friends). Just paste the following two javascript codes in the "HEAD" section of your template and save your template:

Then, when creating posts, leave the Bible references in this format (e.g., Genesis 2:3, Romans 5:8); don't make them into links. The javascript codes in your template should automatically create the pop-up boxes for these verses.

By the way, the javascript code was developed here.

Hope it works for you...

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