Friday, April 13, 2007

Pop-Up Scripturize It! Bookmarklet

Well, not too long ago I added a pop-up ESV feature to my blog. The idea was that whenever I posted an article with Scripture references, each reference would turn into a link that when clicked would open a pop-up box to the ESV version of the verse. Lately, it just ain't working. So for the time being, until I can (hopefully) fix the problem, I point you to an alternative method for viewing the ESV (or NIV) pop-up box on verses when you visit my blog (or any other site that contains Bible verses that are not links).

Visit this site, and just drag the ESV or NIV bookmarklet Scripturize It! feature to your browser's toolbar. Now, whenever you visit a site in which Bible verses are not links, you can click the Scripture It! button in your toolbar. All the verses will now be turned into clickable links that will pop-up to the ESV or NIV of your verse, depending upon which version of the bookmarklet you've installed.

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