Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blips on the Blogosphere- Reformed Theology Resources

Even as I continue working on my next post in the series on Arminian vs Reformed theology, it is my desire to try to post more often on other topics as well, but I find that I just haven't had much time to do so. In lieu of my own writing then, I would like to point you to a sampling of excellent articles and resources written from a Reformed perspective that I have recently encountered on the web. It's really amazing how much good material is available on-line on this subject.

Whenever I do find something of interest, I make sure to include it on my "Blips in the Blogosphere" sidebar (left column)-- so keep an eye on that section.

For additional resources, please also check out the "Reformed Theology" section (below, left column), which is regularly updated.

You may have noticed as well a new section at the top right,"Video of the Day"-- in this section I am, at least for now, uploading videos that teach on Reformed theology.

I know, you're thinking-- this guy has a "one-track" mind. Not really. But Reformed theology is my current preoccupation, and I find that it is helping me "connect the dots" in my thinking theologically, by providing a kind of framework through which to view a lot of biblical truths. Is it always right? Probably not. And do I subscribe to everything Reformed? Well, I haven't been sold on infant baptism, though I know there are reformed people who believe this is biblical.

It's been taking me much longer to get through the series on TULIP than I had originally anticipated, and I have been eager to post my "big picture" thoughts on this topic-- how Reformed vs Arminian theology affects church practice and practical Christian living. So I may begin to write on that before I have completed the entire step-by-step comparative series I have been writing.

In the meantime, check out these great links:

Reformed Distinctives (links to study resources from

Reformation Essentials by Michael Horton

God's Invincible Purpose: Foundations for Full Assurance

Reformed Perspectives Magazine

reformation21- The Online Magazine of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Ten Reasons Why the Bible Teaches Definite Atonement

Reformation Theology Reading Guide

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