Thursday, October 04, 2007

Missing But in Action

Dear friends/readers

I know it's been weeks since you've read a new post here. I have been ruminating about beginning a new blog project and indeed have already begun taking steps towards launching a new blog, one that will be titled

As I was explaining to a Reformed blogging friend, the mission of will be to promote biblical reform in the 21st century evangelical church, by pointing to reformed theological thought, and especially, by applying reformed doctrine (or, in other words, the gospel) to one's daily walk in a practical way.

It is also my goal and hope for to become a collaborative venture that is contributed to and maintained by many. It is my desire too that it would become a means of building community among Christians, Reformed and otherwise. I don't believe that being Reformed or Calvinistic in one's theology ought to produce arrogance or a self-righteous attitude. Therefore the blog/website will try to persuade people biblically, boldly and respectfully regarding Reformed theological views, but not condemn other Christians who may believe differently.

At first, I planned on making this new project another Blogger-based blog, but I have really wanted to give Wordpress a try for a long time. So I plan on creating the blog as a free blog and using my domain name as its web address.

I am also at work on several new posts, including a long-delayed next article in my series on Arminianism vs Reformed theology. I plan to have these posted in the not-too-distant future.

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