Sunday, November 11, 2007

MusicLives- Live Music on Jordan's View

Hello readers

I'm still dealing with the mysterious soreness in various muscles in my neck, shoulders, back and left arm, though the severity of the pains has lessened. Anyway these pains make it difficult to sit and type at the computer for long periods of time.

To relax and get my mind off pain, I've been watching "live music" performances on YouTube. Some of the performance gems you can find over there are truly wonderful. As a musician myself, I especially like and find interesting those music videos where the artists are really performing, as opposed to videos that are just made to accompany a song (which I rarely find add anything meaningful to the songs they accompany). I have started creating playlists of videos I have enjoyed on YouTube.

So I thought, why not add a custom player for these videos here on Jordan's View? So if you would like to watch and hear some of the great performances I've been viewing, just click the link here "MusicLives- A Live Music Video Collection" (it's also a navigation link on my "jump-link" menu).

Click this link to view all of my playlists over at YouTube.

Click this link to view my YouTube channel and subscribe to my favorites.

Again, I hope to be posting regular articles soon.



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