Monday, May 19, 2008

My Nephew's Commercial

Hey friends

My nephew Joshua (youngest son of my brother Daniel and sister-in-law Sheila) stars in this new commercial for Underjams! He's a great little guy, full of energy-- I think the commercial captures a bit of his real life personality-- although now he's looking older than in the commercial. I'm a proud uncle, of course. Also, his older sister, Lydia Jordan --is quite an accomplished actress... I think I'll need to do an interview with her here, just so I can keep up with all the projects she's been involved in so far!

Of course, my nephew Christopher, oldest of the three siblings, is quite impressive too-- he ponders physics (for fun), can solve the Rubik's cube, does magic tricks, and has done a fair amount of acting himself. It's a pleasure watching them all grow up so smart and accomplished (great job, Danny and Sheila!)

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