Monday, October 19, 2009

Blips on the Blogosphere 21

Now that I am back to blogging, by God's grace, I would like to try to post something "new" every day.

Here on Jordan's View my preference has been to offer fresh, original content, but I need to be realistic-- given my current situation and schedule I know I won't be able to post something original every single day.

But there's much of spiritual benefit out there in the Christian blogosphere, and if I can point you to some of these outstanding reformed resources, there's no need for me to be the one providing the content.

So without further adieu, I offer you my latest edition of Blips on the Blogosphere.

Book Review: Counterfeit Gods, by Tim Keller, Reviewed by Nathan Pitchford
Nathan Pitchford has written a insightful review of what seems to be a wonderful new book by Tim Keller (By the way, I am quite impressed with Mr. Pitchford-- I don't know where he comes up with the time to write all the books and reviews and poems and articles that he does, and on top of that, his writing is writing is so mature for such a young dude. Seeing the example of guys like that is partly why I am pushing myself to be more disciplined in my output... Anyway, getting back to the book review).

I remember Tim Keller from his early days in New York City, since I live in New York and attended church in Manhattan for many years (right now we attend a church in Bayside, Queens). I used to visit Redeemer Presbyterian in its fledgling early days. Mr. Keller's intellectual, yet friendly style soon became a big draw. He had an uncanny way of making the gospel relevant to New Yorkers. In this city of dreams Mr. Keller often visited the theme of false "idols in the heart". So it's one he's been expertly preaching on for years, and one reason I'm eager to pick up this new book.

I Guess That's My Answer by James White
OK, so I admit I like to watch James White and Ergun Caner go at it. White is a reformed apologist and Caner president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Caner is rabidly against Calvinism, while White is a reformed, Calvinist apologist who seems to relish a good debate. They were supposed to debate a few years ago but it never took place and both sides blamed the other for the debate never materializing. Anyhow their latest skirmish is that James White asked that Ergun Caner back up his claim to have debated over 60 Muslims. Personally I think it's a reasonable request.

The Treasure of Biblical Contentment- active rest in the sovereignty of God by Steve Camp
Steve Camp is one of the bloggers who helped me "reform". I stumbled ("accidentally") upon his blog a few years ago and his writings made a lot of sense to me but I was trying to figure out where he was coming from and found out that he was reformed. So that was one of the things that led me into investigating reformed theology and the rest, as they say, is history. Today I would call myself reformed since I am one who strongly believes in the "doctrines of grace". Of course, some have a more stringent definition of what it means to be "truly reformed". But I digress. Anyway, I really appreciate the seriousness with which Steve approaches blogging. He is dedicated to preaching a reformed gospel, to defending sound doctrine and being totally biblical n the process. His latest post is typical Steve: biblical exhortation with a pastoral heart.

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