Monday, June 20, 2005

Blogroll, Anyone?

I'm a relative "newbie" in the world of blogging and I've visited many blogs, with a view to getting some creative inspiration. One thing I noticed is that many blogs list huge numbers of websites, or "blogrolls", as they are called. Thinking these were important for a successful blog, I added them to my site too.

Some blog/sites organize such lists under categories, which is certainly helpful to the reader perusing them (I just learned how to do that). But I have wondered lately, are exhaustive lists of blogs/sites truly necessary? Do the person(s) who create these enormous blogrolls really visit all of these sites? Perhaps, but it seems to me that it is highly unlikely that they would continue to visit all these places regularly, or else that's about all they would be doing.

Perhaps because some blogs have been around for a while they end up with these extravagantly long blogrolls. Still, I wonder. As a new blogger, I gave into the temptation to add popular blogs to my blogroll, with the vague hope that somehow this would generate traffic to my site. I think I also wanted to give the impression that I was well-versed in the "blogosphere".

But after giving this issue more thought, I think I'll be more selective about which websites and blogs I promote on my site. I don't want to link to sites just because they're popular or because it might benefit me to be associated with them. I think I'll feel a lot more comfortable if I link to sites I have personally visited, respect, and genuinely admire. Plus, I don't want to inadvertently endorse sites (which I think I would do by listing them), whose views I may be in total disagreement with-- just so I can have a vast, "representative" listing. I think I can engage with the world without listing worldly blogs.

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