Friday, June 24, 2005

Growing Your Christian Life Via the Web

Having learned recently how to post and organize website links within a blog, I have now created links to some web resources I hope readers will find helpful. In keeping with my recently adopted philosophy on this, I include links to pages I have personally visited and have benefited from, or that I believe have potential to bless. I can't vouch for the theological validity of the vast array of websites you might encounter as you use these links. However, I think that, employing discernment, one might use them to tap into some fantastic and exciting spiritual resources. I am grateful that such resources exist, and especially, for all the effort on the part of many that goes into making, and also, locating, these sites. It is such resources that, to my mind, reveal what the Internet can be at its best: a place where people might find wisdom that turns into power and revelation in their lives. In fact, through these links one might a acquire a virtual Christian education, receiving not only high-quality teaching and theological discourse, but even opportunity to encounter the Spirit of God! Is is beautiful yet frightening to contemplate that Internet ministries have such a high privilege. Yet such things are possible, and I'm pleased to be able to play a small part in such enterprise through this site.

Below I highlight some of the new resource links I've added (Note: I will likely continue adding to the resources, and tinkering with their organization):

Bibles/Bible Study Resources

It is simply mind-boggling to me that, right from the Internet, you can read a favorite Bible translation or even hear it read to you (Bible Gateway, also includes commentary and search functions), use study tools to search through and study it (,, or even download sophisticated, excellent FREE software (e-Sword). You can learn of the history and reasons for the many translations of the Bible, (Bible Translations-Why so Many?); you could set your home page to a site that will to help you daily to dig more deeply into the Word (, IVP Quiet Time Bible Study). Or you might devise your own reading and study plan, downloading a daily Bible reading plan to get you started (DJ Bible Reading Plan). In time, you could become a virtual Bible scholar!

And in becoming more intimate with the Lord, many have found that devotionals are very helpful. I have two excellent lists to help you locate one to your liking.


I am pretty good at finding out resources on the web (I have over a thousand bookmarks!), yet I find multi-link sites come in very handy in locating even more sites. I'm most impressed with an eclectic and well-organized links site put together by a couple of Berry College alumni (Mike Morrell and Philip Scriber) called Sites Unseen. Check it out!

On-line Sermons

My lists for these areas is comprised of sites I visit quite often, since I enjoy listening to sermons. These links are largely geared towards listening to free audio sermons via a media player (the players are free too, and can usually be downloaded at the sites, if you don't already have one). You can also also find lots of text sermons at

Christian Teaching

There is real wealth of good Christian teaching material that can be found on the Internet, on almost any topic. One thing I enjoy is doing a "Google" search on a subject I'm interested in researching, say, "The Baptism in the Holy Spirit". When I was working on putting together my own teaching on this topic, I found numerous related articles posted on the web, with many different views represented. These were invaluable in helping me to think more deeply about my theme and formulate my own thoughts. There are so many great teaching sites; I have listed but a few choice ones. Net-burst Net a ministry founded by Grantley Morris, is one of my current favorites, for the range of subjects it tackles, its sense of humor and its serious mission. My link to Desiring God Ministries will bring you into the vast on-line library of teachings by John Piper, pastor, author and Reformed thinker. Other recent discoveries of mine include the Twin City Fellowship (Critical Issues Commentary), Enjoying God Ministries library with Sam Storms, who is described as a charismatic Calvinist on "Sites Unseen" and the Stand to Reason Commentaries. All three of these sites give highly intelligent and well-written teachings on various issues of importance to the Christian community.

There's many more links in areas such as Apologetics & Culture (check out Breakpoint --I use this as my home page in Firefox), Music and Arts, Film Reviews, and Theology, but I'll leave it to you to explore and to discover these. You may ask, why do I have both Reformed and Charismatic theological resources listed? Well, I think that there is truth to be learned about living a more full Christian life in both of these theological perspectives, although I know there are Reformed thinkers who don't regard Charismatic thinking very biblical, and vice-versa.

For PDA lovers, I list some sites that will help you find ways to use your PDA for spiritual growth. Memoware's religion section has many classic public domain Christian works that you may download and read on your PDA. A nifty tool is iSiloX, a software that enables you to download web pages and view them on your PDA.

And finally, there are lots of free Christian books you can view or even download and print out. Check out some of the links.

Happy surfing, and may God bless you through these sites!

P.S. If you have any favorite sites you think I should add to any of these categories, please post me a comment!

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