Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Dear friends:

I hope your celebration of Easter this past Sunday was both meaningful and full of joy (I know mine was)! I spent this past Easter Sunday in fellowship with the good people of Trinity Church International, the Bayside church that my wife and I call home, and was really encouraged by the entire service. I also had the opportunity to sing a song during the Communion, which was a great honor and seems to have blessed the service. Afterward, I drove my wife to the airport She has flown down to Florida to spend a week and a half long vacation/visit with her family in Florida. I remain here in New York-- my intention being to seek the Lord and also get my home office space organized (including assembly of a new desk and chair I recently purchased on-line, and which have been delivered today).

Recently, the faithful pastors of our church, Bob and Nancy, felt God calling them to a new work, one that will entail them moving down to Florida. Though God has not yet revealed to them all the specifics of His new call for them, Pastors Bob and Nancy are certain that God is telling them to leave New York.

So this past Sunday's Easter celebration had a bittersweet quality, as it included the last sermon Pastor Bob will preach to our congregation. Next Sunday, we are scheduled to have our final service as a church-- and Pastor Bob will not preach a sermon. The service will instead contain congregational testimony about what God has done in our lives during the time we have fellowshipped together. Afterward, there will be a fellowship around a "pot-luck" meal. I'm looking forward to our gathering, thought I anticipate this meeting too will be bittersweet. Unfortunately my wife will not be able to attend this last special service, as she will not yet be back from her time away in Florida (we scheduled her travel plans long before hearing the recent news that our pastors would be leaving).

I want visitors and regulars coming to Jordan's View to know that I have taken a brief sabbatical from writing, as I seek the Lord about the future, and also try to get myself very organized, as mentioned above. I am in the midst of writing a post inspired by the cross and its significance, and (God-willing) will begin regular posting again shortly.

Please keep us Faith and me in your prayers during this time of seeking the Lord.

I trust that all is well with you, my visiting friends. May the Lord continue to show His mercy, kindness and faithfulness to all who seek Him.

The Lord is good!

Yours in Christ,


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