Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How To Get the Most Out of Jordan's View

Whether you're visiting this site for the first time or have checked it out before, in this post I'd like to let you know about the many resources available through Jordan's View.

Blogs, of course, vary widely in style and purpose. Some try to be "up-to-the-minute" sources as they provide links to breaking news items, the latest intelligence regarding a particular sphere of interest, or reaction to what's happening in the blogosphere. Other blogs, like this one, are generally more content-driven.

Some blogs become gathering points of public debate and discussion, while many others are content to be more personal in nature, visited mostly by friends and family.

At Jordan's View, besides trying to provide quality content that explicates a Christian worldview, it is my aim to serve the community by providing convenient link access to some of the best Christian resources on the web.

To give you an idea of what is available here at Jordan's View, I have listed below all the resources gathered at this site, as of today, February 13, 2007. I continue to add new links on a regular basis, and periodically to add new resource sections.

In the "Featured Ministries (Outstanding Resources)" section, I will be listing sites I have found to be a "cut above" most, in terms of content, organization or vision.

Blips on the Blogosphere
This is where I share links to recent web articles I have found valuable and interesting. Click on the "Read More" link at the bottom of the section to read all the shared articles on one web page.

Devotionals and Bible Resources
Devotionals, Bible Study (both for the layperson and for the more scholarly), Info about Bible Translations, Search the ESV Bible, Bible Reading Plans, Listen to the Bible (Audio Resources)

Christian Teaching
Online Audio Sermons, miscellaneous sites featuring Christian Teaching

Reformed Theology
Reformed and Charismatic Teaching/Ministries, Reformed Theology Resource links, Reformed Teaching Podcasts, Seminaries and Educational sites

General Theology
Charismatic Theology sites, miscellaneous general Christian Theology sites

Apologetic Teaching/Ministries, Christianity and Science links

Ministries Engaging Culture, Music/Arts/Culture/Media links, Film Reviews from a Christian perspective, Christian History links, News and Media from a Christian Slant

Web Community
Jordan's View Blogroll and miscellaneous Blogrolls of interest, Blog directories

Godly Counsel
Christian Counseling links, Ministries of interest to Christian singles, Ministries that help people stay sexually pure, Men's Ministries

And many other resources as well:

  • "Multi-link portals", through which you can find many other websites in various categories

  • Free online Christian books

  • Resources for PDA users

  • NYC churches

  • Resources for Bloggers

  • Web Browsers

  • "Blogger Beta" hacks and hackers

So, to get the most out of Jordan's View, I highly recommend exploring these resources, remembering of course that "Jordan's View does not confirm or necessarily approve of all the views and content found through these links. One should always be "Berean": comparing truths expressed on this site or others against the standard of the Scriptures" (from my disclaimer).

I hope that you do find something that will edify, encourage and bless you. Please drop me a line with your comments or suggestions.



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