Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great Free Reformed Seminary Resources!

In the course of doing preliminary research on reformed seminaries to attend, I have come across many helpful (and usually free) resources. For example, Desiring God Ministries (John Piper) features two articles recommending particular reformed seminaries and also distance education opportunities.

In my Reformed Theology sidebar section, you'll find a scrolling link list titled "Seminaries and Education (Reformed)" that includes these article links, as well as links to many reformed institutions.

But what I really want to bring to your attention today is the fact that there are high-quality free seminary course materials one can subscribe to, or download, from such well-regarded seminaries as Reformed Theological Seminary, Covenant Theological Seminary or Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. These resources were already available here on Jordan's View in the Christian Teaching section under "Free Seminars, Seminary and Christian Courses".

But to make it more convenient to listen to the free lectures provided by these reformed schools, I have created the following tabs at my Netvibes Universe:

On these pages you can click on a link to listen to or download any lecture title. I find this a more convenient way to listen than using an iTunes subscription, which requires downloading each file.

Additionally, there are excellent reformed ministries that provide top-notch training materials at low cost. Reclaiming the Mind Ministries/The Theology Program aims to offer "comprehensive and in-depth theological training for lay-people", and provides inexpensive and/or free versions of their materials. I have enjoyed reading Parchment and Pen, the prolific blog of C. Michael Patton, president of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries and a Calvinist teacher/writer.

Third Millennium Ministries, an Evangelical Christian parachurch ministry in the Reformed tradition, has Richard L. Pratt, an adjunct professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, for its president. Its mission is to "equip church leaders in their own lands by creating a multimedia seminary curriculum in five major languages in fifteen years." The materials at this site may also be purchased at modest prices and/or downloaded in free versions.

As one strongly considering entering seminary, I really appreciate the availability of these outstanding free resources, which I am beginning to utilize in preparation for more formal training. I hope this article also helps others find and make use of them.

Other Good Resources:
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