Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New Facebook Group: "League of Reformed Bloggers"

Dear "reformed" friends, brothers, sisters and comrades:

Are you seeking a place to connect with like-minded "reformed" men and women? People who would affirm that the doctrines of grace provide an accurate biblical portrait of salvation? Do you enjoy reading reformed blogs such as Pyromaniacs, Adrian Warnock, CampOnThis, Challies.com, Alex Chediak, Jollyblogger, Josh Harris, Together for the Gospel and others? Are you looking perhaps to join in conversation about these great doctrines with other believers, in order to learn more? Do you want your own life and ministry to grow in the grace of God as you apply these doctrines to your life? If so, joining my new Facebook group, "League of Reformed Bloggers" might help.

The group aims to "establish a network of bloggers of a "reformed" theological persuasion-- to interact, encourage, exhort, discuss, debate, and work together to spread the gospel. The name of the group comes from a similar network that bloggers Adrian Warnock and David Wayne began on the web." (Mr. Warnock and Mr Blayne are being invited to participate).

What are you waiting for? Establish a Facebook account, if you don't have one already, and please do come and join us!



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