Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blips on the Blogosphere 16

I am continuing work and research on the next article to be posted in my healing series (this next post has been challenging as it tackles the subject of cessationism vs continuationism). As I don't want to continue to neglect readers I offer the following random links, as of possible interest to you:

Four Movements - by Don Matzat
This article provides some good historical background to 4 recent theological movements (Evangelical Revivalism, Neo-Evangelicalism, Latter Rain Movement and Postmodernism) and points readers to further resources for study on these movements.

I'm a newbie on this topic-- this list offers a good resource for understanding dispensationalism.

What to Say to the Depressed, Doubting, Skeptical, Confused, Angry by John Piper
More wise advice from John Piper.

Against Heresies: Podcast spirituality
A brief post raising the interesting question of how new technologies seem to facilitate more individualism, and how this affects Christian spirituality.

Ayers and Obama crossed paths on boards, records show
CNN shows there was more of a connection between Ayers and Obama than he and his campaign have implied in public statements.

The End of Evolution? by Al Mohler Why evolution seems to be a dead-end, according to one evolutionist.

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