Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Critical Election Issue: Supreme Court Justices

The video below is produced by the Judicial Confirmation Network and reminds Americans that a most critical issue in the Presidential election is that whoever becomes President will choose those who are nominated and eventually will be the next Supreme Court Justices. The decisions made by this small body (appointed for life) certainly will impact the lives of Americans for years to come.

As an article by Matt Lewis on TownHall.com states:

Whether you are worried about the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” or the abortion issue, the next president will select Supreme Court Justices that will dramatically impact your life. But are voters paying attention? With any luck, the Judicial Confirmation Network will succeed in their quest to bring judges back to the forefront of the political debate. The economy may be scary right now, but the idea of referring to “Justice Clinton” for the next two decades could be even scarier.

Although history has shown that having a conservative President selecting justices is no guarantee that the justices ultimately appointed will prove conservative in their decision-making, the selection of justices is just too important an issue to be ignored. Obama is charming and articulate, but his agenda for this country is radically socialistic and liberal.

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