Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Joe Carter, What Were You Thinking?

Joe Carter of the evangelical outpost has one of the most highly regarded Christian blogs, and just today he posted his top 100 influential Godblogs. Jordan's View was... not on his list. Therefore I must ask: Joe, what were you thinking?

Seriously though, I think that it would have been good to make the list, since it would have perhaps brought more readers my way. Did I not make it because I need to write about something other than my analytical Arminian vs Reformed theology series? Is my writing in the series too chunky and long-winded? Well, probably not. There are blogs on his list, like Parableman for example, that are probably a lot more "deep" than mine (certainly harder to understand I would think). Besides, as Joe admits, the list is highly subjective-- these are the blogs that have personally influenced him (Still, a plug from an influential and good blog like the evangelical outpost, well it sure would be nice).

Now for your information, I have written posts in recent days that weren't part of the ongoing (some might say "never-ending") series. Lighthearted, fun pieces even. I hope someone noticed.

But even if no one at all were reading it, I think "the series" has been a good exercise (for me). It's given me opportunity to do a kind of writing that I actually hadn't done that much of before on this blog. But more importantly, it has helped me think through the biblical validity of the Reformed view of the "doctrines of grace", and as I have done so, I have grown in confidence that these doctrines taught by the Reformers are indeed biblical, and thus, crucial to the building of a sound church and Christian life. Now I know many believe the exact opposite, saying that Calvinism actually paints a distorted picture of God and of His relations with human beings. My response is, judge the Reformed picture by the exegesis of the Scriptures of its best proponents and also, of course, by the fruit of their ways. (Plus, read my series...ha ha. I have had a few nice people tell me that they've found it helpful).

Sure, there are "immature" people who espouse Calvinism, people who may know some of the truths Calvinism proclaims but use the belief system to make themselves feel superior to others. But the true Calvinist must be humble, otherwise he's a fake who understands nothing of the doctrines of grace.

Anyway, it's too bad I didn't make Joe's list this time around, but I'll keep writing my series and trying to write consistently and creatively-- as the Lord leads-- and let's just see if I don't make the list next time. You're probably wondering why should I care? Well, I do admit-- I'd like to be read and to have an influential blog. But really, what's most important to me is to write a blog I think honors God, and is a reflection of my best, for Him.

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