Monday, July 02, 2007

New at Jordan's View

Dear readers:

You probably noticed the new "Navigation jump links" I have added, near the top of the Jordan's View page, to help with jumping to the resource sections you might be interested in. Just click on the link, and the page will jump to that portion of the screen. Notice that some links are for the left-column resources, and others for the right column.

I have also recently added new resource sections. There is a section at the top of the right column containing links to several "Gospel Presentations". Right below is the "Jordan's Video" section, to which I will add videos that are educational as well as for just fun.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am a songwriter (and also play guitar), though I have been busy focusing on other things for quite awhile. However I am trying to get myself inspired and busy with music again, by setting some goals for the near future. One is just to work on my guitar skills, which for me tends to lead to more inspiration for new songs. Another is a longstanding goal-- to record everything I have written to date, in digital format. Another is to finish off many new songs already in process by writing the accompanying lyrics. And yet another objective is to begin sharing podcasts (or vodcasts) of my music right here.

To help with the goal of improving my guitar skills, I was researching guitar lessons and guitar software on the web. There is a wealth of good material and resources, many of which are free. I am sharing the fruits of this research with you in several new sections here, which you'll find under "Culture"-- Guitar Education Software/DVDs, Guitar Lessons & Music theory Online, and Guitar Lessons Software- Reviews. Click on the "jump-links" and you'll find these sections quickly. if I find a particularly helpful site or software that I am using myself, I'll be sure to recommend it to my readers.

Also, keep checking "Blips of the Blogosphere" for regularly updated link recommendations to interesting articles. I hope to post before the end of this week the next article in my series on Arminian vs Reformed theology.

Blessings to you,


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