Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Christian Carnival LXXVIII Scores A Home Run

The 78th Christian Carnival is up to bat today at A Ticking Time Blog. What is the Christian Carnival? It's a weekly gathering of Christian blogs, hosted at a different site each week, and often presented according to a theme devised by the weekly host. I think Byron Harvey (yet another blogging pastor) has done a terrific job with organization of this week's collection, employing a baseball theme from beginning to end. The Carnival this week includes over fifty blog posts, all fresh from the blogosphere dugout (OK, I'll quit with the baseball analogies now).

Anyway, glancing through the post descriptions, it looks like a terrific "all-star" lineup (OK, I couldn't resist one more). I'm honored to say that my post The War of The Worlds Is Real was selected for inclusion. It was submitted just in time to make it in-- scroll all the way down to the end and you'll find it!

Again, I reiterate my praise for the Carnival concept-- I think it's a fabulous way of highlighting some really interesting blog writing and finding out about some great Christian blogs. And if you are a blogger, it's a good way of perhaps drawing new readers to your blog. It's hard to believe that so much excellent material is being produced each week!

To find previous Carnivals you can visit Matt Jones' list of previous carnivals.

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