Friday, July 15, 2005

What's Up With Haloscan?

Well I am finally beginning to receive more comments here and there and I'm quite excited about it, because it was my vision from the start that this should be an "interactive" site. Of course, in my naivete, I didn't relaize what a grand ambition that can be for a new blogger.

But what is up with haloscan? I use it as the free comments/trackback feature on my site (since it is compatible with type blogs).

I see the comments people have posted appearing and then suddenly vanishing throughout the day. Very frustrating. I'm thinking of going to an alternative system, or perhaps, just reverting to the comments system already provides (sans trackback).

Has anyone else been experiencing these problems with haloscan? Am I the only one?? (it's all a conspiracy to keep poor little blogger man down... the FBI is probably tapping my phone too, 'cause I wrote some posts mentioning John Lennon)...

P.S. Because of the problems with haloscan, if anyone is having trouble leaving a comment, please send it to me by email instead!

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