Thursday, December 15, 2005

Blips on the Blogosphere 2

My friend Mark Daniels at Better Living continues an excellent series on the qualities of a leader with Leadership Lesson #7: The First Thing a Leader Must Do to Get People to Follow

Postmod or Postmill? This sharp post by Doug Wilson looks at Brian Maclaren's message and points out that the existence of hell is not something that can be brushed aside-- as if not a crucial part of the gospel. An interesting discussion also follows in the comments section (see also my post Heaven and Hell).

In Are You Preaching the Gospel to Yourself During Your Drive Time?, Rob Wilkerson of Miscellanies on the Gospel suggests some ways to help yourself stay rooted in God and His word, even while driving. I really need to do this, as my thoughts while driving tend to not be very godly, I must admit.

As part of a series continuing the ongoing blogosphere dialogue about the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts, presents an interview with Bible scholar Wayne Grudem titled Continuationism and Cessationism: Interview with Wayne Grudem, Part 1 and Part 2.

Dan Edelen posts yet another insightful look into the church with his latest series post, Hidden Messages of American Christianity: "Family Cocooning Session: No Trespassing Allowed!"

Note to myself: Read the internetmonk series on The Christian and Mental Illness. I haven't yet had the chance to read it but the questions he raises (and promises to address) in the first post are excellent.

John Mark Reynolds, Biola University philosophy professor and a "God-blogger", presents a paper looking at the phenomenon of blogging and its future (based on one of his recent GodBlogCon '05 lectures). Mr. Reynold's exellent lectures were perhaps the most substantive feature of the GodBlogCon'05 conference.

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