Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Blips on the Blogosphere 3

From Breakpoint this week: "Hebrews 11 tells us that, apart from faith, it is impossible to please God, and, thus, to know the many benefits that flow from Him. That much is clear. But what is faith?" The always insightful T.M. Moore presents a biblical answer in Pleasing God-The Nature of Faith and the Pursuit of God, in his regular column, "Second Sight".

Dan Edelen wraps up his fine series on "Hidden Messages in American Christianity" with a post that looks at the most critical hidden message: the life and witness of believers. Does the way we live communicate lies or truth about Christianity?

Joe Carter of Evangelical Outpost hosts a Christian symposium on a very timely subject: The Truth About Torture? He has gathered together some leading Christian ethicists and opinion journalists for the discussion, and invites comments from the blogosphere.

Christian blogosphere reviews of Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Good Messages at Christmastime

Tod Bolsinger of It Takes A Church: "The real meaning of Christmas is about truly receiving the grace and mercy of God, of recognizing that no matter what we have or what we have accomplished, or no matter how secure we are, or how respected in our world, we are no more deserving of God’s gracious presence, God’s great love, God’s invitation to come to the manger and follow the Jesus the King that a lowly shepherd". Read God is Better than Santa .

Miscellanies on the Gospel also presents pictures of living under grace in Don't Live in Despair Because of Your Failures in Following Jesus!

Better Living: Should Churches Close On Christmas, Part 2- Mark Daniels writes "The fault I find in not worshiping on Christmas Day is that it just happens to fall on a Sunday this year. And while there is nothing that says churches must worship on Sunday, it is an appropriate habit for Christians and those interested in the faith to gather for a weekly celebration of Jesus' resurrection". Nevertheless, Pastor Mark does not charge churches that have chosen to remain closed with the sin of unfaithfulness, and has also helpfully gathered together links to some other bloggers on this topic. See also Tim Challies' post Christmas Sunday

runalong with pastor mark: 12 Days (of Christmas)

Allthings2all: Spotlight on Darfur: Christmas Edition spotlights the current humanitarian crisis in Sudan's western region of Darfur. Read also this background article from the BBC. What can we do to help? Read these articles and find out (HT: Charlie Lehardy at Another Think).

Jay Adkins urges us at Christmas to pray for The Persecuted Church.

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