Monday, December 19, 2005

See What You've Been Missing

Visitors to this site who use the venerable Internet Explorer browser have probably never seen this blog as it is meant to be displayed. For reasons I haven't figured out yet, Internet Explorer pushes my sidebar (the left column of Jordan's View, which includes profile info, resource links, RSS feeds, etc.) all the way down to the bottom of the screen! It also changes some of the display fonts. Basically, the blog is just a big mess when displayed in IE. I am trying to fix the problem from within my template, but I can't guarantee a quick fix (or any fix at all).

So, if you're a frequent visitor here, or if you would just like to be able to see what this blog is supposed to look like (how gorgeous and functional it really can be), then I strongly urge you to view it using the Firefox browser. If you don't have Firefox, you can download the latest version (1.5) here.

Firefox: A Great Browser to Have
Even if you're not using it just so you can view my site better, Firefox is a terrific browser to have anyway. The extensions Firefox offers are simply amazing and seemingly never-ending, extending Firefox's capabilities t make it the most customizable, fun, efficient browser available. For example, you can change the look of the browser using any of hundreds of available themes.

Some Firefox extensions I use
Recently, I installed RSS reader extensions (WIZZ RSS News Reader, Fizzle) which allow you to view RSS feeds within your Firefox browser. Firefox also has a built-in "Live Bookmarks" feature-- any page that has an available RSS feed will display a special icon in the address bar-- click on it to create a bookmark that reads the feed. For those who just have to use Internet Explorer, IE tab extension lets you view pages as an IE tab within Firefox.

More extensions
Want to block out annoying ads? Use Adblock. Control your favorite media player right from the browser using Foxytunes. Or get the weather report built-in to Firefox with Forecastfox.

For more ideas, read the PC magazine article Top 15 Firefox Extensions. So don't hesitate! Download the great Firefox browser and see what you've been missing here at Jordan's View!

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