Monday, August 20, 2007

Christian Relief and Social Action Links

A reader of this blog from Pakistan wrote to me personally, asking for help for his fellow Pakistanis who in recent months have been hit extremely hard by devastating floods caused by a cyclone and heavy rains. Over one million have been left homeless.

He writes, "our main concern are the women and children... at the moment they are living under [the] sky without food, shelter and lack of basic necessities of life. Even the water they are getting for drinking is contaminated and [the] worst part of their sufferings is the diseases which are spreading rapidly, particularly among children of minor age.

I have created in the right column of my blog a new (preliminary) list of "Christian Relief and Social Action" links, to point anyone with an interest in helping these people to organizations involved in relief efforts. I am not familiar with all of the relief agencies, but I have heard of "Gospel for Asia" and would highly recommend them, especially in this case. Other well-known organizations are Samaritan's Purse, Save the Children, and World Vision International. I would also recommend World Emergency Relief (WER), which according to an article in Christian Today was rated very highly for its efficiency in proving services, transparency about its finances and its well-run organization.

Please pray for them, and if you can, send a gift to help with the relief efforts.

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