Monday, August 20, 2007

Why Don't People Leave Comments (or, Leave a Comment You Lazy Blog Surfin' Freaks or I'll Hunt Down Your IP with my Spam Gun)?

So, I was reading the other day that research studies have been done showing that 90% percent of the time people don't leave comments when visiting a blog. Really? Who knew? It can't be... not my readers here at Jordan's View. They always leave comments-- witty, relevant, funny, encouraging comments. Yeah right.

I'm just kidding with you really. But a comment once in a while, really now, would it kill you? To click my little comments button and type a few measly words? Oy veigh!

I even installed this cute little widget that makes it really easy. Just click the little symbol to register your response to the post: COOL, FUN, INSIGHTFUL, FELL ASLEEP, I'M CONFUSED, DISAGREE, THIS BLOG STINKS (OK, the last one isn't a real option).

What more do you want? Shall I go over there and click the button for you, lazy freak?

Really, I'm just kidding you. You want to be an anonymous phantom ghost surfer, it's OK with me. But remember, I can get your IP address and who knows what I will do with it (HA HA HA HA, "Dr.Evil style laugh" )!!!

Have a nice day...

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