Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blips on the Blogosphere 12

Well, some time ago I discontinued the "blips on the blogosphere" posts here on Jordan's View, and alternatively created a "Blips in the Blogosphere" section in my right sidebar, one where I regularly share links to articles I've encountered that I think are worth reading (it's easier to maintain this -- because it's a Google Reader widget-- I just click the "share" button while I'm on Google Reader, and the post link shows up here in the widget).

But, I've decided to bring back "Blips on the Blosphere" because I think the widget perhaps isn't as effective as sharing links the old-fashioned way-- via a post-- and in a post I can also share a little bit about the various links.

So without further adieu, a few "blips on the blogosphere" for your consideration:

Bob DeWaay, John Piper and Gary Gilley are three guys whose stuff I always keep an eye on. Both DeWaay at Critical Issues Commentary and Gilley, at Think On These Things articles, are meticulous in their research, and write articulately and with excellent reformed insights, on critical issues facing the contemporary Western church. John Piper at Desiring God Ministries is a man of many gifts, prolific author, fine theologian, poet, author, and a communicator par excellence. He speaks in a prophetic voice, and preaches with a passion that well adorns his conviction that we Christians should find our deepest, most satisfying joys in God Himself. I offer the following links as a few samples of the excellent work of each of these men.

The Prophetic Calling of Every Believer by Bob DeWaay

Rob Bell’s Abstract “Elvis”- A Critique of Velvet Elvis by Bob DeWaay

Signs and Wonders, Heresy, and Love for God by John Piper

The God of Peace Brought from the Dead the Good Shepherd

The Kingdom of Emergent Theology - Part 1- Gary Gilley

The Kingdom of Emergent Theology - Part 2- Gary Gilley

The Kingdom of Emergent Theology - Part 3- Gary Gilley

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