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A while back, I wrote here about my idea to start a new blog titled Subsequently, I realized that I just didn't have the time to launch and maintain a whole new blog (could re-visit the idea in the future).

But then recently,, a "Web 2.0" type of site I use personally as a home page on the web, gave me a new idea. They are allowing users to create their own "personal universes" on the Web (I could probably write a whole post on the tricky theological implications of such a phrase). Essentially I saw in this development a great opportunity to create a simple website hosted by Netvibes, one that will make use of their technological innovations to easily create dynamic content (e.g., feeds to Reformed blogs and other resources on the web). So today I'm happy to announce that " a Netvibes Universe" is up. I hope that the site will prove to be a useful companion to this blog, and I think it will be somewhat easy to maintain.

Here's what I wrote on the Welcome page of the new site:

I have created this new resource to help people find excellent Reformed teachings, blogs, podcasts, etc. that are available on the world wide web. The site will be an ongoing work-in-progress. I also am the author of Jordan's View, a blog that features original articles and also extensive resources, all from a Reformed Christian perspective.

On this site I am especially interested in promoting the reformed "doctrines of grace", also known by the acrostic "T.U.L.I.P." I believe that the classic, rich biblical truths found in these teachings paint a portrait of God and of Christian living that properly show God as being central in the salvation and sanctification process (or in simpler words, He is the one that saves us and makes us like Him, from beginning to end). These doctrines honor and glorify God by crediting Him as the One whose power alone transforms lives, through the radical grace found in Jesus Christ. They offer meaty, substantive insights from the Scriptures-- a bracing antidote to the weak, man-centered teaching altogether too prevalent in these days. These doctrines have been historically controversial, and even today many consider them problematic and even heretical, a detriment rather than a blessing to the church. But I believe that the critics, though perhaps godly and intelligent individuals, are off-target in their assessment.

May this site lead many to discover and study these old truths of "Calvinism" for themselves-- and decide whether or not they are the teaching of the Bible. If after careful examination one is convinced they are not biblical, then by all means do not adopt them. Yet it is my prayer that the Spirit may use reformed teachings found through this site to bear witness to the truth of these doctrines as biblical, that the body of Christ may be mature and full of godly joy and fruit as we apply them.


Alexander M. Jordan

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