Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blips on the Blogosphere 6

In The Present and Active God, Adrian Warnock continues (pun intended) the blogosphere discussion about whether or not certain charismatic gifts have ceased. The comments section is also excellent.

Jollyblogger David Wayne takes issue with Hugh Hewitt in The Gospel as the Foundation for a Civil Society. Stressing that he is usually in agreement with Hewitt, he nevertheless challenges some of the ideas Hewitt presents in the chapter titled, "A Player or a Pastor Be" from Hewitt's book "In, But Not Of". Wayne says, "Rather than the effective communication of the gospel being dependent on the freedom to communicate it, I suggest that freedom (and all the other civic blessings we and other societies have enjoyed), is dependent on mass communication of the gospel."

I also posted on this topic in June last year, see A Player or a Pastor Be?

Steve Camp thinks that Al Mohler gets it right in an appearance this past week on Larry King Live, saying that Mohler was faithful, biblical and unashamed.

Dan Edelen at Cerulean Sanctum completes yet another excellent series, with 21 Steps to a 21st Century Church, Part 5 (Conclusion).

There's a new web site I'll recommend to you that, like this one, aims to help people "walk with God and grow spiritually, to give some “light along the journey” of this life". A nicely organized site, and I was pleased and humbled to see my name and this site already linked there, between the excellent Blogotional and Al Mohler! Thanks, John!

P.S. Remember to check out Best of the Godblogs, which does a marvelous job of constant sifting through hundreds of posts in the Christian blogosphere and pointing readers to some of the best.

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