Friday, January 06, 2006

New Christian Portal: Best of the Godblogs

Best of the GodBlogs

Are you a busy blogger? If you're reading this, you probably are.

Though I don't know official statistics on this, I would guess that many who regularly read blogs are also writers who maintain their own blogs. Perhaps between having a regular job, fulfilling family and other responsibilites, and maintaining a blog, you find yourself extremely busy, and find it difficult to keep up with all that is happening in the Christian blogosphere.

But a new site, Best of the Godblogs, promises to be very helpful in this regard. The mission of the site is clear from its title: Best of the Godblogs will be a portal to excellence, helping readers of Christian blogs to quickly find the best blogs and read their well-written posts, (without having to surf the web yourself)!

It's a great idea, originated by Mark Swanson, the "running pastor" at runalong with pastor mark. Mark will decide, from among all the suggestions he receives, and also from his own research, which links to highlight and recommend. He is working with a team of "BGB associates" (I'm privileged to be one) who will regularly send him their recommendations.

A prominent theme that emerged from the panel discussions and workshops of GodBlogCon 2005 was that Christian bloggers will achieve greater impact and influence in the world as we learn to function together as a true community. Naturally, this suggests that we need to read one another's blogs and mutually encourage one another in our blogging pursuits.

I believe Best of the Godblogs will be a helpful vehicle towards this goal, as it seems to me that the mission of the site is not to just promote "star" bloggers, but to help one another grow as a connected community, that we may become better, more fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ. Everyone can participate in this purpose by sending link recommendations to Mark. He is looking for quality writing, and to help new bloggers who are writing excellent material to be discovered.

Please join us in this community venture-- don't get "left behind"(ha ha). Blogging is a rapidly-growing phenomenon with wonderful potential for believers to make a positive impact for Christ, as we "shine our light" together, help each other mature, and speak in a collective voice. So go visit Best of the Godblogs, read the great articles andsubmit your link recommendations to Mark, Take advantage of this marvelous opportunity we have to make a positive contribution through blogging.

Blessings to you,


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