Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Few Further Thoughts About End of the Spear

Dear friends:

In publishing my recent comments about End of the Spear, I want to emphasize that it has been my intention to try to look at the film and the events surrounding the film from my own Christian vantage point, and to offer some thoughts as to how the makers of the film might have done better in communicating the Christian message at the heart of the story. I have had no intention of passing on any false accusations about Every Tribe Entertainment; I also hope that any criticisms have not come across as unduly harsh.

I have read several new articles, two by Jason Janz at SharperIron.org, here and here, and an article by Randy Alcorn which I strongly recommend to readers who want to get a more accurate picture of what motivated these filmmakers. In these articles, Jason and Randy share their conversations with Mart Green and Steve Saint about the making of End of the Spear. I'm convinced that Every Tribe Entertainment did their best to try to follow what they felt was God's leading in making the decision to hire Chad Allen. They might be mistaken in their decision, but nevertheless their intention was to show love to this actor, to perhaps win him over to Christ, and this attitude is in keeping with the spirit of the movie they made, which has a message of reaching out to people with the love of Christ.

As to whether or not one should see the movie, I think that is a matter of one's own conscience before God. Personally I think that the film, although seriously flawed, still communicates some of the intended messages about God's love being able to change lives, about forgiveness, and about the importance of sharing the gospel message. As I mention in my previous review/assessment, I do think that the gospel message in the film could have been more strongly asserted, and the Christian motivations of these missionaries more clearly portrayed. But since, as I also mentioned, there are so few films in the marketplace even attempting to bring a Christian message, I am thankful that a company like Every Tribe Entertainment has taken on a mission to produce these kinds of movies.

Perhaps in this experience the company will learn some valuable lessons they can apply to future productions.

Blessings to you in Christ,


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