Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pajama Warriors

Click on the title link above to read a story in the January 2006 issue of Citizen magazine which hightlights some of the ways bloggers are making an impact in our culture. Bloggers are not only helping to keep the media in check (as in the incident last year when memos used as a source for a CBS story were exposed as fakes by a blogger), but many are also even breaking new stories.

The phrase "pajama warriors" is based on the idea that bloggers, though figuratively (or perhaps literally) sitting home in their pajamas, nevertheless can wield powerful influence through their blogs.

Some of the major blogs receive many thousands of hits a day. Therefore if one has a popular blog, it may open new doors of opportunity, for example, in writing or speaking. I am increasingly excited about blogging for Jordan's View, because it is helping me both to hone my writing skills and to clarify my vision for personal ministry. So I think it is an important tool towards furthering my vocational goals. Blogging has developed from an initial experiment last year, to becoming an important spiritual and personal growth discipline in my life.

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