Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Christian Carnival 106/Fundamentalism Briefly Revisted

Christian Carnival 106 will be up sometime today at Technogypsy. If you have never visited the Carnival, it's a cool concept and worth checking out. Each week the Carnival is hosted by a different blog, as it gathers together and presents articles from various Christian blogs written during the preceding week. Many hosts will organize the posts according to a theme, while others just provide brief descriptions, plus links. In any case the material is always fresh, and you can discover new blogs to add to your reading list. If you're a blogger, it's a good way to get exposure to your writing and to your blog.

This week, I've submitted my recent post Fundamentalism: Not Necessarily a Bad Word to the Carnival, hoping to give exposure to what I think is a dangerous but common idea: that "all fundamentalisms are created equal". Why do I think such an idea is dangerous? Because it will be used to try to curb the freedom of Christians to practice their faith.

Fundamentalism: The Good and Bad Kind
When fundamentalism turns into prideful exclusivism (some Christian fundamentalism), or worse, into bigoted, murderous extremism (some Islamic fundamentalism these days), it is indeed dangerous. But there is also a good and necessary kind of fundamentalism-- one that bravely defends and holds to the "fundamentals" of the faith, yet without hating others. This is the kind of fundamentalism that all Christians should practice.

For instructions on participating in the Christian Carvival, go here

P.S. I completely forgot last week to mention the appearance of Christian Carnival 105 at Dunmoose the Ageless. Check that one out too!


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